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What to see in Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is a city which is undergoing a period of great social and cultural change, and there are numerous events organised throughout the year.

The main annual civil and religious event of the city is the patronal feast of the Madonna della Consolazione, commonly known in Festa i Maronna in dialect. The celebrations take place in September and it is one of the most important religious festivals in Southern Italy: on festival days the city is swarming with people, and civil and religious events of all kinds follow one another.

On the second Saturday of September thousands of people follow the procession of the holy painting of the Madonna which, starting from the Basilica dell’Eremo, a religious building located in the upper part of the city, eventually arrives at Piazza Duomo where it is taken into the Cathedral. Here the effigy is displayed until around 21 November, before it is taken back to the Basilica dell’Eremo, where it is kept until the following year.

For all the other events scheduled in Reggio Calabria during the year, the following links are useful:;;;

A few steps from DOMUS NOVA you can visit the Cathedral of Reggio Calabria, the largest sacred building in Calabria.

Built in neo-Romanesque style, it has an interesting façade covered with marble decorations on which there are three valuable bronze doors: inside the cathedral, among the many works of art, is the Chapel of the Santissimo Sacramento, which was erected in 1539, and which is full of magnificent marble inlays, and the miraculous section of a column which according to legend burned allowing St. Paul to preach to the people of Reggio.

Just a seven-minute walk from DOMUS NOVA stands the imposing Aragonese Castle, of which remain just two towers and the curtain that connects them. Reopened to the public in 2015, it offers a beautiful view of the Strait and is home to various exhibitions.

After a pleasant fifteen-minute walk along the pedestrian area of Corso Garibaldi, you will reach the MArRC, known throughout the world for the permanent exhibition of the famous Riace Bronzes, but also known for its important collections from Magna Grecia.

The Museum has been the subject of recent redevelopment works that have made it state-of-the-art both in terms of layout and multimedia and interactivity. It also periodically organizes exhibitions and events.

A five-minute walk from DOMUS NOVA is the Teatro Comunale, named after the Calabrian composer Francesco Cilea, a beautiful neoclassical building that hosts events and shows throughout the year.

Since 2016 the theatrical season has been organised by the Officina dell’Arte, a local company which stages comical productions and shows starring nationally famous performers.

A few steps from DOMUS NOVA lies the beautiful Via Marina of Reggio Calabria, a real natural gem with a beautiful view of the Strait of Messina and Mount Etna.

It consists of three parallel streets: the first overlooks beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and several ice cream parlours and restaurants with their gazebos. The second, called Lungomare Falcomatà, is adorned on one side with giant magnolias and other rare trees which sprout between the monuments and remains of the ancient Greek and Roman city. On the other side is the beautiful view of the Straits of Messina. Between this and the sea there is a splendid complex of walks and pathways with several summer beaches, bars and an outdoor amphitheater.

A twenty-minute drive from DOMUS NOVA an excursion not to be missed (see days and times on the site) is Ecolandia, a unique environmental technology play-park created within a military fort built in the 19th century on the hills of Arghillà in a splendid panoramic position.

It features a constantly changing playground with attractions, equipped circuits and thematic routes of scientific and educational value. There is also a refreshment area and spaces dedicated to shows and recreational activities.

DOMUS NOVA will happily organize transfers and excursions to interesting tourist destinations not far from the city:

Scilla, a 25-minute drive from DOMUS NOVA, needs no introduction, being a popular seaside resort and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Unmissable are the walks in the characteristic fishing village of Chianalea or among the narrow streets of the San Giorgio district where you can take in enchanting views, or Piazza San Rocco and the Castle with their wonderful panoramas. The town is full of quaint restaurants where you must try the local delicacy – swordfish!

About half an hour’s drive from DOMUS NOVA, set under a rock in the form of a hand, lies Pentedattilo, a charming village full of legends of ghosts and betrayed lovers. The name of the village actually means five fingers in Greek. The visit to this abandoned village and the ruins of the castle where the Alberti tragedy took place in 1686, is an emotional experience not to be missed.

The Castello di Sant’Aniceto, about forty minutes by car from DOMUS NOVA, is a Byzantine fortification dating back to the XI century. Located on top of a rocky hill, with a breathtaking view of the Strait of Messina, the castle has recently been renovated.

Bova, an hour’s drive from DOMUS NOVA, is a small town that is rightly included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The best way to visit Bova is to get lost in its steep narrow streets, and wander past its noble buildings, pretty churches and houses with beautiful portals, before ending up at the Cathedral of S. Maria dell’Isodia and the evocative ruins of the castle.

Gambarie, an hour’s drive from DOMUS NOVA, is a famous winter ski resort, with five beautiful downhill slopes served by two chairlifts. It is also a pleasant resort during the summer.
Don’t miss the interesting naturalistic excursions of the surrounding area, or a visit to the brand new Adventure Park. There are also numerous restaurants where you can taste typical Calabrian cuisine.